The Glam Life

Me on the Job
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Ah, the glamorous life of a wedding planner.  

If you don't think that a wedding planner's job description includes being stuffed into the front seat of their assistant's car with a beautiful, large, heavy flower arrangement, you're wrong.  Very, very wrong.  This precious little moment came after a 10+ hour workday including everything from dressing the Bride to greeting vendors to assembling centerpieces to coordinating a sparkler departure.  Once the glowing newlyweds ran through the sparklers & departed in their getaway car, it was my responsibility to pack up their items from the venue & deliver them to their hotel.  

There was lots of wedding loot to get from the second floor Bridal Suite to my assistant's car outside.  One container of the top of the wedding cake.  Two trays of leftover Indian food.  Four large boxes of miscellaneous items like the Bride's bouquet, the guest book & the candles.  One long box of extra sparklers.  Last, but certainly not least, two humungous red rose floral arrangements that were used to decorate the ceremony & reception.

My assistant & I packed her car to the absolute brim until the only things left on the sidewalk were me, my assistant & a floral arrangement.  The answer was clear.  I picked that baby up & I hauled it into the front seat with me.  The flower arrangement didn't quite clear the door so my assistant stuffed in the roses & greenery as best she could & slammed the door.  We drove away with a few fronds sticking out the door.  Classic!

& you know what?  I love my job, each & every last moment!


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