Koru Kate Finds: Holiday Tree Alternative

Forgive me, Koru family & friends, as I have Christmas on my mind.  I blame Pinterest.  While I can successfully & willfully ignore store Christmas displays until after Thanksgiving, it's really, really difficult to pass up the enticing holiday crafts, decor & recipes on Pinterest.  I caved & pinned an idea for our handmade Christmas cards weeks ago.  Last night, this simple Christmas tree wouldn't let me pass it by: 

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Today, this Christmas tree alternative comes to you as my latest Koru Kate Finds.  Can you guess what this Christmas tree is made of?  A tomato cage!!!!!!!!  

Yes, that's right: a cheap tomato cage.  You can find them in your nearest garden center or garden aisle of a large store like Home Depot or Target.  Simply flip it upside down, cover it in lights & you have a festive Christmas tree.  

I wouldn't use this alternative tree to replace my actual Christmas tree but I can think of a million & one fun ways to use them for my holiday decor.  A few cage trees in various heights would make for a very pretty lawn or front porch display.  Or perhaps place an alternative tree to add some Christmas love to an empty tabletop or foyer.  Bay windows are the prime spot for alternative trees to be enjoyed from inside &  outside of your home.  

Winter Brides, these cheery Christmas trees are perfection for winter wedding decor!  A few grouping of these alternative trees are a fabulous winter touch for your altar.  Place a few on the floor by your head table or sweetheart table to make a twinkly statement.  Add a few of these alternative trees to make your photo booth backdrop wintery.  Maybe put a few at the front entrance of your church &/or reception space for a winter touch.  Just use your imagination!  

Can you forgive me for bringing up Christmas so early?  Pretty please with a cherry on top?   


  1. Lovely! These would be so cute outside, too!

  2. Hi Koru Kate! Some great Christmas pics and ideas! If you are looking for an eco-alternative Christmas tree, I recommend checking out festivetree.com

    They make simple, beautiful eco-alternative Christmas trees which you might appreciate!


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