Spring Flowers

Goodbye, Winter & Hello, Spring!

Spring may not officially start until March 20 but I'm declaring it Spring at Koru Wedding Style.  Winter was disappointing- in so many ways, not just the lack of snow.  I'm ready to move forward & embrace the new beginnings of Spring.  Let's get this Spring party started with with some gorgeous Spring bridal bouquet eye candy.

My favorite Spring flowers are delicate, beautiful tulips:

Peonies are quite lovely too, especially in this loose, garden-style bouquet:

Anemones are daring & modern with their black centers & they look perfect in this small, sweet bouquet:

Did I say tulips were my favorite Spring flower?  I lied.  Or maybe it's simply a tie with graceful, stunning calla lilies:

What is your favorite Spring flower?  Or, like me, do you find it too hard to choose?

Photo 1 Aquario Studio via Photo 2 Grazier Photography via Photo 3 Caroline Tran via Photo 4 Joielala Photography via


  1. I'm so happy spring in here!!! Or getting here!!!
    I love all spring flowers. Lilys of the Valley bloom in May for my birthday. I love their fragrant smell and I love that Kate Middleton used them in her bouquet.

    1. yes, three cheers for spring! lily of the valley is a wonderful, beautiful spring flower.

  2. Don't tease me! We had snow this morning!!


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