Over & Out, Winter

The official celebration of winter weddings has come to an end.  I couldn't think of a more fitting farewell than to share my favorite bridal party photo from my winter wedding.  

Due to frigid temperatures & possibility of snow, winter Brides have to select a warm, indoor location for bridal party photos.  You can hope for outdoor photos but there must be a heated, comfortable spot chosen as well.  It's only fair to your bridesmaids & groomsmen.  RZ & I chose the gorgeous Hoboken Train Station for that exact reason.  As we arrived in downtown Hoboken & tumbled out of our cars onto the cobblestone street, Tim suggested a few outdoor photos before we headed inside.  Awesome idea!  Our good-natured bridal party huddled around us, smiling & laughing despite the chilly temperatures.  Absolute troopers, I tell you.

The photo is a total winner in my eyes.  It encompasses so many things I treasure: my husband, our wonderful friends, our hometown Hoboken, our fun vintage taxi &, of course, our winter wedding.  You can bet this baby is displayed in our hallway & will be included in our wedding album.  LOVE!!!!!! 

**Please click on the photo to see it in its full-size glory!  If anyone has tips on how to post larger photos, feel free to share with me via email or comment :-)  UPDATE: Problem solved, thanks to the fabulous Lena of A Crimson Kiss!

I hope you enjoyed this little winter wedding celebration.  Next year, I plan to kick up the celebration a notch to include more & more lovely winter wedding details.  Till we meet again, Winter Weddings!

Happy Weekend!!!!
Photo by Timothy Glenn Photographers


  1. Omg you're right! No more winter weddings. This is such a great picture of you and your bridal party! hope you share more pics from your wedding :)

  2. Such a wonderful week of winter weddings! If you're using the new blogger back-end and an updated template, you can adjust the widths of your blog, and you'll have the option of enlarging the image in the editor–good luck!

  3. You guys are so cute freezing your butts off ;) Great way to end winter, bring on the warm weather!


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