Rainy wedding day.

A wise, beautiful post on A Practical Wedding yesterday left me thinking about rainy wedding days.  I always say that the weather on your wedding doesn't really matter; what matters is your attitude towards your wedding day weather.  Pull on your rain boots, grab an umbrella & keep smiling- chances are you'll enjoy your beautiful wedding.  Cry, pout & curse your bad luck- chances are you've ruined your beautiful wedding.

This creative photo above is a prime example of a rainy wedding day attitude done right.  Really, really right.  From the wet sidewalk to the long shadows, there is proof that the weather gods delivered rain clouds & bright sunshine for the wedding.  The happy couple took to the rain-soaked sidewalks & made a pretty incredible memory to last a lifetime.  The reflection of the Bride & Groom in a sidewalk puddle takes something ordinary & makes it extraordinary.  Talk about making a rainbow out of rain!! 

How would/did you react to rain on your wedding day?  Do/did you have a Plan B for rainy weather? 

Photo by Whitney Huynh Photography via


  1. We were lucky and had sun on our wedding, which was great because the ceremony was outside. Our backup plan was to have the ceremony at the reception venue, it would have been fine although I'm glad we didn't need it!

  2. What a gorgeous photo! We actually love the rain, so I think no matter what goes down, we'll find ourselves smiling!

  3. That's awesome! I'd only be upset if I was having an outdoor wedding with no backup plan. But it does make for lovely photos.

  4. Rain or shine, weddings are always beautiful!


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