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In case you're not aware of the program, Koru Wedding Style has gone green in honor of St. Patrick's Day!  I kicked things off with luscious green bouquets fit for green-loving Brides yesterday.  Where is my green celebration taking us today?

Green bridesmaid dresses, my dears.  & the pretty bridesmaid bouquets to match!  Green may not top the list of most popular bridal party colors but green maids are fresh & pretty.

A good-looking bridal party in cheery kelly green dresses:

A darling white bouquet with yellow/green berries completes the look:

The happy bridesmaids are rocking their dark green frocks:
(does anyone else spot the slight wardrobe malfunction?) 

Such a heavenly delight of pale oranges mixed with light greens in this bouquet:

I don't see green bridesmaid dresses in many weddings but I must say after seeing these photos, I'm a fan.  A little touch of green makes for a beautiful wedding!

What color are your bridesmaids wearing?  How did you decide on a color(s)?

Photos 1 & 2 Laurie Leslie Photography via ; Photos 3 & 4 Raya Carlisle Photography via


  1. Replies
    1. not quite up to par with your color inspiration but i try :-)

  2. I'm planning on having deep hunter green for my winter wedding to match my fiance's tartan... it's SO hard to find examples of dark green dresses being used though - I hope it's going to look as great as it does in my mind =)

    1. Deep hunter green dresses will be fabulous! & you'll have to post photos so other Brides can see dark green done right!!

  3. So pretty! I love green. It looks perfect in these wedding pics!

  4. I wouldn't have picked them for myself, but I do love the color!

  5. i think a lot of brides feel the same way as you!

  6. I LOVE that shade of green and the different types of dresses. Where did you find them???

  7. I love them too! If you look at the last line of this post & follow the two "via" links, it will take you to the original post which may list the bridesmaid dress designers. Good luck!


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