shiny & new

Welcome to the fresh face of Koru Wedding Style!

It's okay, I'll wait.  Take a moment to look around & admire the new look.  Isn't she pretty?!

Why the new look?  Well, here's a little background . . . 

Koru Wedding Style is a natural extension of my wedding planning business, Koru Wedding Shoppe.  Both share the tag line "inspiration & celebration of new beginnings."  At Koru Wedding Shoppe, I inspire Brides & Grooms to create the wedding of their dreams & I take care of the timing, details & work so they can celebrate & enjoy every moment of their wedding.  At Koru Wedding Style, I share wedding inspiration & I celebrate anything & everything weddings.  My dear Korus go hand-in-hand.    

As such, I have long wanted my blog & web site to complement one another.  Not matchy matchy but coordinating.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  I had a difficult time finding an affordable, clean & modern design to coexist with my web site.  I suppose good things do come to those who wait because I finally found what I was looking for all along.  Quite simply, it's what you see here before your very eyes.

I hope you enjoy the shiny & new look of Koru Wedding Style as much as I do.  This is yet another new beginning! 

Big thanks to Brooke of Bright Wishes Designs for making this redesign happen so quickly & so beautifully!

Photo by Timothy Glenn Photographers


  1. Congrats on the shiny new look! I love it!

  2. gasp! LOVE the redesign, looks so springy and fresh, congratulations and well done!

  3. I need a revamp too, I'll have to check her out!

  4. Your blog looks great! But, yes, sometimes it is nice to have a new look :-)


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