Mitten Magic

Hello, March!  I do hope your wet, rainy arrival means Spring is coming soon.  Yes, Spring!!  It's time to start wrapping up our Winter Wedding celebration!

Accessorize, accessorize.  For winter weddings, accessorize often means fur stoles & warm boots.  This ultra-cute bridal party sported handmade purple mittens!  LOVE.  Those bridesmaids are real troopers braving the cold with bare shoulders but at least their hands stayed toasty warm & looked super chic.  Oh & did I mention the Mother of the Bride knitted those fun mittens?!  Love, LOVE!!    

I'm adding adorable mittens to my must-have list for winter weddings.  Stat!

For more of this winter wedding eye candy (purple Uggs! cute dog! lots of snow!), please visit HERE!

Photo by Jessica Smith Photography via


  1. Mittens are a great idea! I'd knit them for all my ladies. Because if I were wedding planning again I'd have ALL this free time and such ;)

  2. Oh yeah, Brides-to-be tend to have tons of time! HA. Not to mention I can't knit . . .


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