sequins & sparkles

Yesterday was a draining day spent at the oh so lovely DMV getting my new driver's license bearing my married last name.  Yes, I finally decided to take my husband's name!  More on that later.  The DMV is one of those places that sucks your happy soul & good energy.  I came home tired & cranky.  What's the remedy for that?

Sequins & sparkle!!!!!! 

A sparkly, sequin aisle!  How genius!!  The candlelight's soft glow makes the sequins shimmer beautifully, creating a magical aisle for a Bride to float down to meet her Groom.  Talk about a WOW factor for a marriage ceremony.

Ahhh, the sequins & sparkle have me smiling already.  What cheers you up after a trying day?

Photo by KT Merry via


  1. A little sparkle is just what a girl needs to forget about the DMV! I usually go for a hot shower and a glass of wine!

    1. The sparkle worked for me but vino does the trick too!

  2. I love that idea! Might need to repost!


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