Heaven knows why it's been so long since a fabulous wedding cake has graced the posts of Koru Wedding Style.  Clearly, this situation needs to be fixed right now. Viola, done!

The modern, colorful cake is AMAZING!  Yes, this justifies all caps.  When I first spied the wonderful creation, I thought the tall cake was covered in jelly beans.  Maybe an effect of my Easter state of mind?  Anywho, I realized my mistake- the entire cake is piped from the deepest purple to the whitest white & every color in between.  WOW.  Yup, we need all caps again.  This rainbow creation is just so bright & happy & beautiful.  I can only imagine it tastes as good as it looks!

Are you consistently amazed by the artistry of wedding cakes or is it just me?

Photo by riseandshinebakery


  1. COMPLETELY caps worthy–this is outrageous!

  2. Holy cannoli! Can you imagine mixing all those colors? I'm sure that intern was cursing under her breath!

  3. as the color queen, you should love this cake :-)


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