The sparkle.  The bow.  The sweetness & sass.  Oh, my wedding-loving heart practically stopped beating when I spied the oh so fabulous Kate Spade Charm heels in this cool photo!

Sigh.  I wanted the Charm shoes so badly for my wedding.  Unfortunately, me and a 4-inch heel could not be friends on a long day spent on my feet.  I want the Charm shoes so badly for my life.  Unfortunately, me and a 4-inch heel on a regular basis are as probable as me catching a falling star.  But a girl can dream.

Or a girl can cheer when she spots those charming shoes in wedding photos.  Wow, how Charm shoes rock on a Bride!!

Do you have any long-running dreams of obtaining the perfect accessory?  Please share!

Photo by Jason Walz Photography via


  1. The new blog looks amazing, Kate :)

  2. What a perfect photo! I think I'll always have a soft spot for a classic Chanel bag, but I doubt I'd ever carry it!

  3. I had the perfect kelly green kate spade bag that I carried every where. Then one day I became paranoid and put it away. I should pull it out for spring!

    1. or send it to me. whatever works for you :-)


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