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I regularly pore over wedding magazines & blogs in the name of job research.  It's as good of an excuse as any!  I'm consistently amazed at the beauty & creativity I see in weddings, much of which I share here with you.  But I'm not often surprised.  Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking I have seen or done it all in my twelve years of wedding planning.  

Like pets taking part in the wedding.  I've done two weddings with dogs, both were walked down the aisle on a wedding color-coordinated leash (see the adorable Frenchie Bruce HERE).  I've done one wedding with a cat, she was flown cross-country to participate in the ceremony & carried down the aisle in her decorated carrier.  So when I spied this handsome black cat sporting a bow tie & posing with his Bride & Groom, I figured it was another cute fur baby in an animal-lovers' wedding:    

And he is.  BUT there is a twist!  The Bride considered him a part of her entourage & pegged him the "Brideskitteh."  Now that is a first!  Brideskitteh, I just love it. 

And this Brideskitteh's name?  Meatwad.  Enough said.  

I refuse to ever think I've seen & done it all in this wedding world ever again.

Photos by Zachary Hunt Photography via


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