It's well established that I love checking out the cool & unusual modes of transportation that Brides & Grooms choose for their weddings.  In my quest for fun photographs of Brides & Grooms posing with their getaway cars, something else has caught my eye: Brides & Grooms inside their getaway cars.  Check this out & see if you agree these photos are something special.

Let's start with my favorite casual, relaxed photo of RZ & I riding in our beloved vintage taxi after our marriage ceremony.  The detail I love the most is one only RZ & I would notice: RZ is playing with his wedding ring, slipping it on & off his ring finger.  It's something he did throughout that ride from our ceremony to our reception & it's one of my first memories of our marriage: 

This hip couple looks classically cool in their classic car:

A quiet moment between a Bride & Groom inside their vintage car is captured so perfectly that I feel like we're peeping Toms:

Another vintage taxi, another happy couple:

Why not take charge & jump in the driver's seat of your vintage getaway car?

Pretty cool, am I right?!  Your thoughts?

P.S. The Wedding Wheels of April is coming your way next week!

Photo 1 Timothy Glenn Photographers Photo 2  Louisa Bailey Weddings via Photo 3 Calin Peters Photography via Photo 4  Phototerra Studio via Photo 5 Della Chen Photography via


  1. I wanna have this kind of service in my wedding. It is really elegant so lovely. Thanks for sharing this to us.

  2. Mine was a golf cart! My girlfriend wants to find a moto with a sidecar.


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