It's hard for me to choose only one accessory that makes me smile in this happy bridal portrait.  The fabulous hat & birdcage veil?  Smile, check.  The bold red lipstick?  Smile, check.  The simple red sash?  Smile, check.  The too cool red crinoline?  Smile, check.  The bright red pumps?  Smile, check.  The Bride's Kool Aid smile?  Smile, check.

Without a doubt, the red crinoline is what drew me to this wedding photo.  Unique & eye-catching, to say the least.  Man, I would love to steal this dress & take it for a twirl on the dance floor! 

P.S. Today's Bride & yesterday's Bride could be besties!

What is/was your favorite bridal accessory?  

Photo by Feather and Stone Photography via


  1. Love that crinoline! What an unexpected detail!

  2. I absolutely ADORE this–can you tell I'm a sucker for red? ;)

    1. Miss Crimson Kiss, I would have never guessed you are a fan of red ;-)


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