white is right

A typical Bride chooses white for her wedding gown; why not choose white for your wedding cake?  White is a simple & classic choice.  These wedding cakes prove white is beautiful!

I like the clean white on white presentation here.  & don't even get me started on the delicate, white sugar flowers cascading down the white cake- LOVE!

Once a classic, always a classic.  I like the fresh flower adornments & silver riser that make this classic white beauty stand out.  

At first glance, I mistook this for a traditional basketweave cake.  Nope, it's just some amazing piping work that makes this a sweet, white beauty of a wedding cake!

The ruffles, the darling white ruffles on this white wedding cake make it pretty special!

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite white cake in this collection.  The wedding cake is a timeless legend with its tiny dots & (look closely) dainty patterns.  

Divine, every one of these white cakes is absolutely divine.  Almost too divine.  Who would want to cut into these & ruin their beauty?!

Photo 1 Edyta Szyszlo Photography via Photo 2 Laurie Bailey Photography via Photo 3 Fondly Forever Photography via Photo 4 Oh Darling! Photography via Photo 5 Shira Weinberger Photography via


  1. I'm not forgetting that once-upon-a-time all cakes were white . . . .Great selection here

  2. Lovely cakes! I also featured an all-white wedding and I think it's insanely cute!


  3. These cakes are all to die for! Stunning :)

  4. I'm so biased because my wedding cake was white but I truly adore white wedding cakes :-)

  5. Ruffles and swiss dots are my favorite! Sometimes I regret not haveing a beautiful wedding cake. We had individual key lime pies...which was printed out on the menu as key lime pay. Not sure if that's pie in spanish or what ;)

  6. I'm sure your key lime "pays" were darling & delicious!


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