Orange Crush

See that fun wedding ring shot?  It makes me smile.  Every. time. I. look. at. it.

I can't give you a reasonable explanation as to why I love this photo so much.  Oranges aren't my favorite fruit.  Orange isn't my favorite color.  Or anything along those lines.  Nevertheless, I fell in love & I fell hard.

Ring shots are increasingly catching my attention as I look at wedding photos.  It's fun to see how creative wedding photographers can be with this wedding detail.  The best ones manage to capture the personality of the couple or the essence of the wedding or both.  We have two amazing, beautiful ring shots from our wedding (yes, yes one day I will share my professional photos with you!) & we can't decide which to include in our album.  Until we make that big decision, I sure enjoy looking at other couples' ring shots.   

Anyone with me on loving wedding ring shots?  Or have I gone crazy?  Before we part for the week, just look at that photo one more time & SMILE!   

Photo by Serendipity Studios via


  1. Ring shots are the best, especially when they're creative like this one.

  2. I adore ring shots–this one is just sunny and happy!

  3. You know what...I don't think I had a ring shot! Waaaaaah? Do over.

  4. phew, glad i'm not the only one loving ring shots!


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