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Is it just me or do you imagine these adorable bulldogs stole a bit of the spotlight during this wedding?  The flower collar, the little tux, those sweet, wrinkled faces- it's too much cuteness!!  

One little regret I have in regards to our wedding is not taking any photos with our fur baby, Beagle Bailey as he is such a huge part of our life.  Due to restrictions at our church & our ballroom, there was no way to include him in the wedding.  But I got ready at home & I wish I had snapped a few photos with Bailey.  That wasn't in the cards either.  As soon as my bridesmaids, moms, hair stylist & make-up artist arrived at our condo bright & early, Bailey started helping himself to bagels & searching the hair stylist's suitcase.  He's such a beagle!  I had to haul him to doggie daycare before he got himself in trouble.  So no photos of us.  Maybe if I'd had a bit more patience, we could have worked it out.     

Would you include your pet in your wedding?  Or perhaps in a few wedding photos?    

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  1. i think we all have regrets =) I don't have any fur babies but I can see how it would upset you to not have pictures!

  2. Haha! Mine probably would've have behaved either. I have a puggle so a little beagler too!

  3. It's such a minor regret but definitely a regret! Yet I don't think my patience could have held much longer. The final straw was when Bailey took a slurp of my mother-in-law's coffee :-)

    p.s. Nikki, how come we never see your puggle on your blog?!

  4. Gah–such sweet little monsters! John and I don't have a pup, but we're desperately wanting one–I certainly hope they'd end up being included in some way!

  5. On our wedding day our dog snuck away while I was getting ready and ate one of my grandma's chickens! (We didn't find out until later). I did manage to get a photo with her though:

    1. CUTEST photo! You were a beautiful Bride & your pup is such a cutie!! & so innocent looking :-)


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