My Passion, My Idea, My Necklace

When I started my wedding business in 2005, one of the first challenges was choosing a name. I was in the wedding industry long enough that I was tired of the Beautiful Occasions & Memorable Weddings & Joyful Events (no offense to these businesses). I ruled out using my name as well. I wanted a name that was different & meaningful. I was stuck with my passion for weddings & my idea for a business but no name.

One day, I reached for my favorite necklace & everything fell into place. This particular necklace features a simple & beautiful swirl. The jewelry designer had explained it is a Koru pendant. The Maori people of New Zealand use the word Koru to describe the shape of a curled fern frond & its uncurling movement into a fern leaf. Symbolized by a spiral, Koru represents positive new beginnings. As the story of this pendant flooded over me, I knew the search for my business name (& logo- bonus!) was over. Weddings = New Beginnings = Koru. Koru symbolism & legend fit my shoppe perfectly! Koru Wedding Shoppe. As they say, the rest is history.

To this day, I proudly wear this necklace that inspired Koru Wedding Shoppe. Whether you are planning a wedding, starting a business or redecorating a room, keep your eyes, ears & other senses open wide. Inspiration is everywhere & you never know when it will find you!

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  1. i luv this inspirational story, thanks for sharing!


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