Ruby Punch

Carnation cuteness!
Image from Green Wedding Shoes, another blog I highly recommend checking out!

I was making my rounds on the wedding blogs I adore when I stumbled upon a feature about a dessert table on Green Wedding Shoes. I was drawn to it instantly, even though red isn't my color & I have no plans for a dessert table. It's the carnations that got me.

Truth be told, I've always had a soft spot for carnations. They're simple, sweet, inexpensive & available in a rainbow of colors. What's not to love? There must be reasons not to love them because they have a bad reputation. When I first started in the wedding business ten years ago, I met with Bride after Bride who declared that carnations were on their black list. If a carnation dared to make its way into their bouquets or centerpieces, the wedding day would be ruined. I'm not exaggerating.

I've watched quietly as carnations have made a comeback over the last few years. Now that I no longer fear an angry backlash, I'm comfortable admitting that I like carnations. I have plans to use carnations stylishly for my wedding. I've been able to find carnation bouquets, centerpieces & decorations everywhere, even in Martha Stewart Weddings.

I was delighted to find the dessert table on Green Wedding Shoes that showcases carnations because it truly inspired me. On the right, you'll see red carnations packed tightly together in a petite teacup to add a splash of color. It's just that- a punch of ruby red. I had thought about using carnations in a very similar way- loads of carnations massed together in clean, low arrangements. On the left, you'll see a few carnations displayed in a Coke bottle. Love, love this! I hadn't really thought about a few carnations standing on their own but I like the look a lot. For the right Bride, the carnation & Coke bottle arrangement would be so perfect for cocktail table arrangements. For me, I'd have to adjust the look a bit to fit our wedding style.

Hmmm, the creative wheels are turning!!

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