A Tale of Two Brothers

A classic pocket with a seal featuring Q
This invitation brings two brothers together!

The invitation sports a flat ribbon instead of the Q design

Lots of useful information for the guests!
Response card, Reception card, Accommodations card & Directions card

Both brothers love their Q initial!

Now that Koru is rapidly approaching its fifth anniversary (wow!), I've had the pleasure of helping past Bride's sisters & friends with their wedding invitations &/or wedding planning. It's a treat to help Bride's nearest & dearest. What I have not done is help a past Groom's brother or friend. Until now.

Last week, a wonderful Bride & Groom came to the shoppe for their wedding invitations. It didn't take long for them to pick an invitation. Soon, we were knee-deep in the designing process, my favorite part. We had to consider paper colors, font colors, font style, motif, etc. The Groom declared that he would like a design that could play with his last name initial: Q. He looked through the shoppe samples & he was thrilled to find an invitation that played up a Q. Upon further inspection of this sample, he said, "Hey, this is my brother's wedding invitation!"

What are the chances? It's a small world, especially in Hoboken. I'm happy to be helping a past Groom's brother. I can't categorize this as a referral since the Groom had no idea his brother had gotten his invitations at Koru. Unlike sisters, I guess brothers don't sit around & talk about where to buy their wedding invitations. Funny enough, these brothers & their fiances chose from the same invitation designer, Marsupial Invitations. The first Q brother chose a classic pocket invitation in a mocha/cranberry color scheme featured above from Wedding One. The second Q brother is creating an updated classic that plays with strong colors from Wedding Four. Stay tuned for the second Q invitation: coming soon!

By the way, this isn't the only time the first Q brother's wedding invitation has inspired another couple. Do you remember Pretty in Pink from March? Pretty in Pink & the Q invitation are the exact same invitation, although they look completely different. Simply change the colors & design & you've got a unique look. Pretty cool, huh?

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