Gucci Baby

Gucci & I taking a walk on a summer day

Gucci coming or going, I can't tell, sporting his winter coat

Gucci is so happy to be riding shot gun, his preferred spot although he was supposed to stay in the backseat

Gucci working hard at Koru. Luckily, he didn't demand a high salary.

One of our final photos of Gucci.

Today I'm going to take a break from weddings & dedicate a post to our beloved dog Gucci. He was known & adored for his sweet nature & love of human food, especially hamburgers. Gucci was my furry best friend, my biggest fan & my loyal sidekick. For about fifteen years, he was my dog as we navigated life together. I couldn't even begin to write about the countless adventures we shared. I was lucky to have him by my side during the good & the bad. For the past three years, he was our dog after he successfully wrapped my boyfriend (now fiance) around his paw. Our life revolved around Gucci- not one day was planned without careful thought to Gucci's feedings, walks & care. Now our days seem a bit empty. We love & miss Gucci so much!

Gucci is missed at Koru Wedding Shoppe as well. He was the official shoppe dog from day one. He decided he was in charge of guest relations. Gucci made sure every guest was greeted at the door & every Groom had the chance to pet him while their Brides looked at wedding goodies. As old age slowed him down, Gucci ran the show from his doggie bed & preferred that people come to him. I always teased that I could make a fortune if I could have charged guests for petting Gucci.

About two and a half months ago, we received the heartbreaking news that we should put Gucci to sleep. I was fortunate to spend the last week with him, spoiling him with hamburger meals & showering him with unlimited love. My boyfriend (now fiance) came home early every day & spent as much time with us as he could. When Thursday came, our final, full day together, I could hardly believe it. Suddenly, 18 years had gone so fast, too fast! That day passed even more quickly. Our daily ritual of Gucci's night walk was tinged with deep sadness as we realized it was the last walk all of us would take together. I still get mopey on Thursday nights. Nevertheless, we are grateful we had the opportunity to give Gucci the send-off he deserved; we sent him with lots of love.

So, Gucci, this one is dedicated in memory of you! For our readers who have a pet(s), please give them a big hug & yummy treat in Gucci's honor~

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