And The Winner Is . . .

Hyatt Regency Jersey City- our wedding reception venue!
The Manhattan Ballroom (top floor) boasts amazing NYC views!!

Downtown NYC views & Hyatt Regency (sliver of building on left)
as seen from the waterfront walkway outside the hotel

Hyatt Regency Jersey City & Manhattan
as seen from the NY Waterway ferry station

Hyatt Regency Jersey City!!!! If you've been following our hunt for the perfect venue, you may remember the Hyatt Regency Jersey City as Option Three. We decided to host our wedding reception at the Hyatt & we couldn't be more thrilled with our decision. We signed on the dotted line last Friday to make it official then we went out to celebrate. We're so happy!

My favorite thing about the Hyatt is the Manhattan Ballroom. I have done many weddings in many locations & my pet peeve is hotel ballrooms that look just like any other hotel ballroom. You could be in Whippany, New Jersey or South Bend, Indiana or Temecula, California (these are just towns that mean something to me; I'm not putting down any specific hotel ballrooms). While I wanted the ease & comfort of hosting a hotel ballroom reception, I didn't want the bland ballroom that often goes with it. The Manhattan Ballroom is far from the norm with its floor-to-ceiling windows & its glittering NYC skyline views. The combination of a WOW! ballroom paired with a hotel wedding is the ideal scenario for our wedding.

The Hyatt is the perfect reception venue for us. It fits our criteria: close to Hoboken, great NYC views, within our budget & one wedding at a time. It doesn't just fit our criteria though- it goes above & beyond. We like the fact that our wedding guests have the option to stay at the hotel for their convenience & that we can continue to celebrate downstairs at the Vu Lounge once the reception has ended. Really, we adore everything about it! The location, the views, the ambiance, the food, the service, the people, etc. Am I gushing?! Everything impressed us & made us realize this was the winner. It did take awhile to work out the details but, in the end, it was worthwhile. We got exactly what we wanted for our wedding reception.

Now that we have a ceremony venue & a reception venue (check, check!), I have quickly turned my sights to other fun details of our wedding. We're working on our save-the-dates, photographer, band & florist. I'm loving every moment. What a huge relief to move beyond Item Six on our wedding to-do list!!

We can't wait to celebrate our marriage at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City surrounded by our nearest & dearest in January!


  1. it's beautiful!!! can't wait to see photos of your big day!!

  2. ps. thanks for the headboard tips! gotta get on that.. hee hee

  3. Yayayay!!! So glad you guys found the one! =) Can't wait to celebrate with you next year!

  4. Thank you! I'm a happy bride-to-be!!! One task down, a million more to accomplish- good thing it's so fun :-)


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