The Best Laid Plans

Our official wedding timeline. Someday, we will move beyond number 6.

Our wedding timeline poses with a few of my other wedding planning essentials

One of the first things I did as a Soon-to-be Mrs. was create & print a wedding planning timeline. It's a basic, step-by-step guide to successfully get from "Yes!" to "I Do!" that I personalize & give to my full planning clients. The planner in me was really excited to have a wedding timeline that is ours, all ours! I envisioned effortlessly tackling our timeline task by task until we are married.

Well, that was the plan. We're permanently stuck in the "First Things First" category. Specifically, item number six: Reserve a Reception Site. You know we chose three contenders based on our preferences & visited Chart House, W Hoboken & Hyatt Regency Jersey City. Our first road block was one site had our wedding date on hold for another party. We quickly learned a lesson in patience as we waited to find out if the other party booked. After over a week of waiting, we received the green light that the other party had not booked & we could proceed to consider this site. We carefully reviewed our options & chose a winner for our reception.

Great, right? You must be wondering why I haven't posted about our chosen reception site as I promised. Let me tell you, nothing is ever easy. Although we have a clear favorite, there are some details to be ironed out before we sign on the dotted line & officially book this reception site. Back & forth & back & forth we go. Who knows, everything could fall through & we may go with one of our other options. I don't want to make an announcement until it's a done deal. With each day that passes, I glance longingly at item number seven & I hope we get to it someday. Soon!!!

Even a wedding planner can fall behind.

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