Never Hurts to Ask

Planning, planning & more planning.
During the process, don't be afraid to ask questions! Image from Real Simple

I field a lot of questions from Brides at Koru Wedding Shoppe. Some of the questions are the norm, some questions are out of the ordinary. I've heard everything from "Do you carry fan programs?" to "Do you know a photographer who can help me with an album using photos from my destination wedding photographer?" I do my best to answer every Bride's question or point them in the right direction to find what they need. A few Brides seem embarrassed to ask & I always tell them, "It never hurts to ask."

I find myself taking my own advice as we plan our wedding. It's funny to hear my voice in my head as we face things in the planning process that I've advised Brides about many times. So far, my advice has been helpful & good!

As my fiance & I hunted for the perfect reception venue, we decided on a winner but we were concerned it might be too expensive for our budget. The venue had a per person price & a minimum price guarantee. If we have our ideal wedding with 125 guests, the minimum price guarantee was more than we would spend. I knew we had a better shot at negotiation with a wedding during the slower winter months, yet I was still hesitant to ask. Then I heard myself saying "It never hurts to ask!" The worst they could say was "No." I asked & the venue was kind enough to lower the minimum guarantee to fit our budget. We are so, so grateful. I'm so glad I asked!!

Now that we're set to sign the reception venue contract on Friday, I have set my sights upon our save-the-date invitation. I had planned on a bit of DIY project- a fun postcard with a save-the-date label on the back. I made a mock-up & my fiance rejected it upon first glance. He hated the label! He suggested asking the artist to custom print our save-the-date information on the back of the postcard. Honestly, it sounded a little Bridezilla to me. Then I thought, "It never hurts to ask!" Sure enough, I asked the artist & he is happy to help us with our request. Again, I'm so glad I asked!!

Remember: it never hurts to ask!

Are you wondering where our wedding reception is being held? Do you want to know what the save-the-date postcard looks like? Patience! All details are coming SOON!

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