Happy Easter!

A simple version of my Easter cards

I decorated these paper eggs!

My final creations when I ran out of the other cardstock

I made this card first, then decided to make each card a bit different

No envelope leaves my hands without a seal or sticker

Here are my Easter cards that I created! Do you like them? I'm happy with the final products. It's a bonus that I had so much fun making them! I hope my family & friends enjoy them.

I was short two envelopes & I took the cards with me to the store to find coordinating envelopes. When the saleswoman saw my creations, she told me I should go into the card-making business. For a moment, my mind starting racing. Then I returned to reality & remembered my hands are quite full with my baby, Koru Wedding Shoppe. I thanked her for her compliment & went on my merry way.

Happy Easter & Happy Spring to all~


  1. hope your easter was blessed!

  2. it was a blessed, beautiful day! i can tell from your blog that your family enjoyed the perfect easter they deserved.


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