Paper Eggs

The grown-up version of decorating eggs- paper eggs!

My first Easter card with four paper eggs

Three naked eggs wait for decoration

I loved coloring Easter eggs when I was younger. I clearly remember the impatience as I waited for the big batch of eggs to boil. Once they were ready, I had hours of creative fun at our dining room table covered with rainbow colors of dye, special egg crayons & spring stickers. Each little egg was a canvas. In the end, we had a bounty of unique, colorful eggs to celebrate Easter & Spring.

The major downside was I don't like eggs & it fell on my family to eat all of them. Since they're not in Hoboken to eat my vibrant creations, I had to find another outlet for my creativity this Spring. I decided to make Easter cards for my family & friends; each card would feature decorated, paper Easter eggs. Fun! I had card stock, decorated paper, sparkly pens & paper edgers from past projects. For the remaining supplies, my crafty friend Jen, of Craftiness NOW fame, headed to our local craft mecca, Michael's for this project & my St. Patrick's Day project. I bought textured, shimmer paper for the eggs & pastel, patterned ribbon for decoration.

I spread out all of my craft supplies on our dining room table & the scene very much reminded me of Easters past. Instead of the eggs, dye, crayons & stickers of my childhood, I had paper, scissors, glue & ribbon in front of me. First, I cut out my eggs from paper called Spoiled Brat (orange), Infatuation (purple), In the Pink (pink) & Glitz (blue). Then I decorated the paper eggs with edged, patterned paper &/or adhesive ribbon so each looked different. Finally, I arranged my paper eggs on the cardstock & added pen details or extra ribbon as needed. I enjoyed myself as much as I did all those years ago & I wasn't stuck with eggs I don't eat!

I'll reveal my final creations on Friday! Happy Wednesday~


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