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Our marriage ceremony location: The Church of St. Ann in Hoboken, New Jersey

The Grand Entrance of the Church of St. Ann

The big news is we have chosen & booked the Church of St. Ann in our hometown Hoboken, New Jersey for our marriage ceremony in January 2011. Exciting!

We decided to go the traditional route of a church ceremony & a separate reception. Once we decided to follow this path, it was a no-brainer that we would honor our Catholic upbringings & marry in the Catholic Church. We talked location a bit more & ultimately we didn't need to look too far from home. The beautiful Church of St. Ann is a mere three blocks from our home & we have attended Mass, weddings & our goddaughter's baptism there. We're honored to have our marriage ceremony in this special church.

As with most places in our beloved town of Hoboken, The Church of St. Ann is rooted in history. The parish began in 1900, the current church was erected in 1925 & officially opened in 1927. The church was meant to inspire all to praise God with its Romanesque architecture, towering marble alter, elegant stained-glass windows & rhythmic bells in the steeple. Hoboken has changed much throughout the years but the church has remained in its full glory. If it's possible, the beauty of this church has multiplied over the years; it's one of the most gorgeous churches I have ever seen.

I feel great now that we have our marriage ceremony booked at this church. Not only is the Church of St. Ann pretty, its people are kind & welcoming. I snapped a few photos of the outside of the church on this stunning March day & next time, I'll get a few photos of the inside. We're so lucky & blessed to get married here. Our wedding is planned for cold January but that fact doesn't stop me from envisioning walking through the streets of Hoboken to our ceremony . . .


  1. that's a beautiful church Kate...great choice! Hey, just noticed that you are using one of my photos for you blog header...what a compliment!

  2. Thank you Martha! I'm so excited about it.

    I really love this image (along with every other photo from Helen & George's wedding) & it fit perfectly with the feel of this blog. Love it!!


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