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Awesome message from Paper Source

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

Since I started this week with a quote, I decided to end with an inspirational quote. It was a pure stroke of luck when I stumbled upon this gem from my beloved Paper Source. How perfect! I need the water bottle ASAP.

There are countless instances in my professional & personal life when I should stay calm & move along. So what if my fiance tossed the silverware in the dishwasher again & I have to fish the forks from the bottom? Does it really matter if my food order arrived wrong? Should I be offended that the Bride mentioned she can get free shipping on invitations from an impersonal web site? Keep calm & carry on!!

According to Paper Source, the original "Keep Calm and Carry On" artwork was produced in 1939 as a propaganda poster for World War II. It was intended to stiffen resolve of the masses if the Nazis were successful in invading Great Britian. The poster was never formally released. Today, the great message applies to our day-to-day life.

When could you use this message? I've already mentioned I need the water bottle by my side 24/7. It's quite perfect for weddings too. Presented about one week before the wedding, this is the ideal gift for Brides. In the place of Brides, insert Grooms, Mother of the Brides, Mother of the Grooms, etc, etc. I wish I could offer the water bottle for sale at Koru Wedding Shoppe!

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