Location, Location, Location

The breathtaking La Jolla coastline

People say location is everything. When it came to choosing a location for our wedding, it was no easy task. We were divided between San Diego, California & Hoboken, New Jersey. San Diego is our vacation getaway of choice & Hoboken is our home. We love each location for different reasons.

San Diego instantly conjures up images of bright sunshine, perfect weather, towering palm trees & the pretty Pacific Ocean; how can you beat that? I was a frequent visitor to San Diego once my grandparents moved to California when I was a teenager & it was love at first sight. Later, I spent a blissful time living & working in San Diego, days spent walking along the ocean & relaxing at the pool. I couldn't help but share this special town with my fiance who fell in love with it during our two fun vacations there.

There is just something about San Diego. We bask in the sunshine, we unwind & we relax. After the constant grind of the East Coast, San Diego is a relief. Who wouldn't want those feelings at their wedding? San Diego was a strong contender, specially La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla. Love, love La Valencia. I worked countless weddings there & I can't say enough good things about this historic, charming hotel & its amazing ocean views.

The classic, sparkling NYC skyline

But Hoboken is home & it's our home for a reason. We love this waterfront town! It's unique with its city/small town feel & its seamless blend of old & new. No matter where we have been, we return to Hoboken & we feel like we're being welcomed by an old friend. There is no place like home. Hoboken may be a mere square mile but we have shared countless memories throughout our town. Here, there, everywhere.

Let's not forget the impressive NYC skyline! During the day, the skyline shimmers in the sunlight. At night, it shines in the darkness. I pause to admire the tremendous NYC views that Hoboken offers us each & every day. I always feel so lucky to call Hoboken home.

In the end, it may be cliche but it's true: home is where the heart is. We love Hoboken & we want to make yet another incredible memory here: our wedding. We're so excited to share our hometown with our wedding guests. Things are starting to come together as we have booked our church ceremony (read about it here) & we are starting the hunt for our reception location. Stay tuned!

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