Pearl Pocket

The closed Pearl Pocket invitation with its cover design

This baby stands on its own!

Inside, the invitation is classic

The four enclosure cards are stacked neatly in the pocket

A glimpse at the enclosure cards designed to match the look of the invitation

In January, a Bride came to her invitation appointment armed with her friend's classic pocket invitation done at Koru Wedding Shoppe. The Bride loved her friend's pocket invitation (soon to be featured on this blog!) but she was concerned about choosing the same wedding invitation as her friend. Out came the Pockets album which is divided between classic pocket invitations & unique pocket invitations. The Bride spent the most time looking at the unique pocket options & eventually settled upon the Pearl Pocket invitation shown above.

The Pearl Pocket invitation features a pearl shimmer folder with a 'window' showcasing the Bride & Groom's names. Inside, there is an ecru invitation & a pocket holding four ecru enclosure cards. Why four enclosure cards? In addition to the standard response & reception cards, the Bride needed accommodations & directions cards for her out-of-town guests. Pocket invitations keep all the wedding information in one tidy place. The Bride selected a traditional black script font to keep her invitation formal. Take a look above at her pocket wedding invitation!

This is the first time I have ordered a unique pocket invitation & I was impressed with the overall look. The sample is displayed at Koru & it's gotten a lot of attention. By now, most of us have seen the pocket invitation done again & again. The pearl pocket invitation is different & beautiful, a sure hit with wedding guests!

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