Winter . . . or Spring?

The Empire State Building as seen from Maxwell Place in Hoboken on a sunny day

I have been pretty obsessed with a winter wedding since we got engaged. There wasn't a single doubt in my mind that winter was the best choice. Okay, maybe one flashback to my first planning job during a blizzard but I got over it quickly. I love the idea of a warm, cozy celebration with family & friends on a chilly, starry night. Was I merely influenced by the current season?

Because today has me thinking twice. Spring may not have officially arrived but she is coming soon! It's one of those days in Hoboken when you feel like you could reach out & touch New York City across the Hudson River. Blue skies, bright sun, warm temperatures- beautiful! As I took my walk along the Hoboken waterfront, all I could think is a spring wedding would be awesome. There is little I love more than the tulip bouquet that serves as Koru's official photo (thank you TGP!!!). My imagination started running wild.

The good news is I got over it. Every season has its beauty & I could easily change my mind as each one arrives. Winter is the winner!!

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