Blonde Bridesmaids

Will You Be My Bridemaid? Even if you're not blonde?

Will You Be My Matron of Honor? Will you hold it against me if you're not a brunette?

Since Koru Wedding Shoppe opened almost five years ago, the "Will You Be" & "Thank You for Being" Bridal Party cards have been best-sellers. Brides love these sweet, sparkly cards! Available for Bridesmaids, Matron of Honor, Maid of Honor & Flower Girl, there is no better way to ask your bridal party in style & to thank them with grace. The cards are blank inside for the Bride to pen a personal note to each bridal party member & they become sentimental keepsakes from the wedding. Love, love these cards.

The following is a true story!

Last week, a Bride came to Koru & spent a fair amount of time admiring the "Will You Be" Bridal Party cards. The "Will You Be My Bridemaid?" card features a tiny blonde bridesmaid in a yellow dress, as shown above. The Bride asked me if the cards were available customized. I replied no, thinking perhaps she wanted each Bridesmaid's name printed. She said, "So all of my bridesmaids have to be blonde?"

Um, no, not exactly. I didn't know what to say. I received this card from my best friend when she asked me to be a part of her bridal party. Naturally, I said yes. I didn't care that the card featured a blonde bridesmaid & I'm a brunette. I doubt her other bridesmaids cared either because only one is blonde & everyone said yes. And, crazy as this may seem, we didn't wear yellow dresses like the card shows. The card is more about the sentiment, not the fun drawing of a bridesmaid.

People tell Brides that it's all about the details for a wedding. Yes, that's true to a certain extent. There is coordination of the details & there is matchy matchy of the details: coordination is the most realistic. Is it the end of the world if the color of the calla lilies in your bouquet doesn't match the reception table cloths exactly as planned? Nope, nobody will notice. Will your raven-haired best friend say no to being your bridesmaid because the card has a blonde bridesmaid? No, probably not. You can drive yourself crazy with the details or you can take the details in stride!

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