Classic Halloween

* Due to a little miss Hurricane Sandy headed our way, I am writing all posts in advance this week.  My thoughts & prayers are with everyone in her path.  May you be safe & well!

Tonight, our local movie theater is showing the classic horror slasher film, Halloween, in honor of the holiday.  To get in the Halloween spirit, RZ & I plan on attending the screening.  There is just something very cool about seeing a classic horror movie in a darkened theater armed with a big soda & sugary snack.  The experience simply can't be beat!  

Last year, our movie theater showed Psycho for Halloween & I loved it.  I'm a big Hitchcock movie fan!  Random fact: rumor has it that Psycho inspired Halloween.  Anywho.  Hopefully, this year will be just as fun.  If Hurricane Sandy doesn't decide to ruin it.  I suppose that will make for another sort of Halloween memory.

What did/are you doing to get in the Halloween spirit?
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  1. eek you are braver than me! i'm too much of a weenie for horror flicks.


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