The Fairy Tale Come True

Will this fairy tale come true?
Image via People

The Royal Wedding. I must admit, as much as I love weddings, I have tuned out the Royal Wedding hoopla. I haven't cared to speculate about what dress designer Kate Middleton chose. I wasn't curious about the guest list. I certainly didn't want any of the crazy souvenirs (really, nail decals??!!) But I wouldn't miss the Royal Wedding.

I remember when Princess Diana wed Prince Charles. We were in Indiana visiting my grandparents for the summer & my Mom woke me up to watch the wedding with her. We were in awe of this beautiful Princess & her fairy tale. Sadly, years later before I left for my senior year of college, she woke me up to tell me Princess Diana had died. The fairy tale had gone wrong long before this but wow, it ended horribly, tragically.

I suppose I still believe fairy tales do come true. There is a part of me that hopes Kate Middleton & Prince William get the fairy tale right, complete with the happy ending. I will watch the Royal Wedding in faith that it is the beginning of a good fairy tale.

Will you?!


  1. Like you, I haven't been following every detail of everything, but I will be watching the wedding in anticipation!

  2. I'm looking forward to it! I can't imagine all the madness afterwards, considering the craziness leading up to it.


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