Tasting Delight

Our Wedding Tasting: YUM! I loved our cake tasting & I was blown away by our wedding tasting at Hyatt on the Hudson. We had the golden opportunity to sample our four-course wedding feast complete with wine pairings. The Hyatt was kind enough to work with me & my very picky eating habits to create a tasting menu that I would enjoy. On the night of our tasting, RZ, RZ's parents & I arrived at the Hyatt with a healthy appetite.

Our job for the evening was to choose one appetizer, one salad & one dessert. Also, we needed to confirm we liked the entree selections available for our guests to choose from at our wedding. Sounds like a tough job, right?!

We sampled & chose from these three, yummy appetizers: Lobster Bisque, Lamp Chop & Crab Cake:

Then we ate & chose from these three, delicious salads: Apple, Endive & Feta Salad, Organic Green Salad & Caprese Salad:

Finally, we enjoyed these three, savory entrees: Filet of Beef, Pork Medallions & Salmon:

In addition to our wedding cake, we're offering a dessert & we tasted two, incredible options. Unfortunately, we inhaled the selected dessert before I could snag a photograph.

The Official Tasting Crew included me, RZ & RZ's parents:

The evening was very special, full of good food & good cheer. RZ & I are growing more & more excited for our wedding every day!!


  1. Yum! The apple & feta salad sounds delicious :) What were the other 2 dessert options besides the cake?

  2. I get hungry just looking at the photos! The other dessert options were zeppoles or petit fours. You'll have to wait until after the wedding to find out what we chose :-)


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