Bridal Shower Christmas Tree

RZ & I love decorating our home for Christmas & this year, it's extra-special because we have the bridal shower ornaments. Each guest brought a Christmas ornament to hang on our tree. I came home with two, large baskets of beautiful ornaments. We had the most fun sorting through the ornaments to see who brought us what ornament. We couldn't have picked better ornaments ourselves!

We won't decorate our Christmas tree until Sunday so, in the meantime, I placed our modern Christmas "tree" in its usual spot on the dining room table. I picked the first eleven ornaments from one basket & decorated our modern "tree." Not only does it look beautiful, we look at the ornaments & think of our family & friends. Love, love.

From left to right . . . First is the snowflake ornament from my sister Mary who knows how much I love decorating with snowflakes. Second is the angel ornament from dear family friends Laurie & Julie who know a thing or two about angels in our lives. Third is the Starbucks ornament from my Mom who drinks Starbucks lattes like water. Fourth is a classic Christmas tree ornament from my fun friends Teresa & Marisa. Fifth is the snowman & penguin ornament from our darling flower girl CJ. Sixth is the checker cab ornament- just like our wedding day transportation!- from our beagle Bailey. Seventh is a beagle ornament in honor of Bailey from three sweet kids in our family. Then we have another beagle ornament in Bailey's honor from my Aunt Tami's wild menagerie of cats & dogs. Ninth is a bling engagement ring ornament from my cousin Chloe to commemorate our engagement. Tenth is a framed engagement photo from my Aunt Tami. Last but not least is a cupcake ornament from my Aunt Dee who knows I love a good cupcake.

The rest of the ornaments from the bridal shower are saved for our Christmas tree. We are lucky & blessed to have Christmas decorations hand-picked by our family & friends to treasure forever!


  1. Hi Kate,
    I love this idea, and I love that you have BEAGLE ornaments! How about trading blogposts with me?

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Celia, thanks for "visiting" me on my blog!

    My Aunt Tami came up with the Christmas ornament idea for my bridal shower & it was a wonderful surprise. I love the beagle ornaments, they're almost as cute as our beagle Bailey :-)

    I'm still new to the blog world- how do we trade posts?! Email me & we'll work it out.

  3. I love that you got wedding ornaments at your shower. I was just thinking we need some as we decorated our first tree together this weekend.

  4. Our Christmas tree was mostly ball ornaments with a few special ornaments here & there in the past. This year, our tree is mostly special ornaments from our family & friends & we LOVE it! Photos coming soon.

    It sounds like you should put Christmas ornaments on your wish list :-) Happy Holidays!


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