A Dog's Life

Who's that doggy in the window?

Bailey hard at "work"

Bailey is a working dog. Kind of.

When I work, Bailey comes to Koru Wedding Shoppe with me. He has a comfy set-up next to my desk with a blanket, a bone, a toy & water. He spends much of his time there snoozing & relaxing. Sometimes I wish I could join him! Or he sits at the front door & watches the world go by. The front door glass is always smudged with his nose prints. I'd give anything to know what's going through his mind as he drinks in the world around him.

I wouldn't be doing Bailey justice if I failed to mention that he does greet everyone who walks through the shoppe door. He puts on his happy face & wags his tail. Just the least bit of attention is rewarded with Bailey dropping on his side for a belly rub, his absolute favorite. He truly thinks everyone is coming to see him!

Just another day in the life of Bailey.

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