First Dance

RZ & I don't have a song. I have no idea what songs were playing when we first met, we shared our first kiss, we took our first road trip, etc. I remember the ocean crashing in the background as RZ proposed. None of this helps as we try to pick the best song for our First Dance.

A few weeks ago, we spent the evening in our guest bedroom/office & ran through the possibilities. We threw out suggestions, we listened to them on You Tube & we rated the song a winner or a loser. It was such a fun night in our wedding planning process; I want to keep it in my heart forever.

One top contender:

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"How Sweet It Is," by James Taylor. The lyrics are sweet & fitting for us. My mantra for our wedding is "Sweet & Simple" so this song fills the requirements. We like this one a lot, although it's not a favorite for either of us.

Another top contender:

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"Fly Me To The Moon," by Frank Sinatra. RZ thought it would be fun to choose a Frank Sinatra song because we live in his hometown of Hoboken & this is my favorite Sinatra song (yes, I realize he covered it). It's an upbeat, unexpected choice. If I was forced to pick my top choice for our First Dance, this is it.

The last top contender:

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"At Last," by Etta James. This is a perfect song with fitting lyrics. Had I gotten married ten years ago, this would have been my First Dance. The problem is, I work weddings & I've heard this song countless times; it's lost its charm. RZ really likes this song (I believe it's his top choice) so it remains a contender.

Choices, choices! All good choices. I have no idea how we're going to choose. The one thing we know is that The Love Jones Band will rock it!!


  1. Ohhh Etta James is AMAZING!! Great choices :) How exciting for you! xo

  2. Etta James is fabulous . . . if only I hadn't heard that song so many times! It is exciting though, lots of fun things happening :-)

    Not quite as exciting as your recent times- Congratulations!!!!!

  3. I like them all, but my favorite is Fly Me To The Moon! I'm thinking of "The Way You Look Tonight" for my wedding, so I'm a little biased I guess. But this song is upbeat and will set the tone for the evening. If I were a wedding guest, I'd be ready to party!

  4. I have to admit, we have made our decision shortly after I wrote this post although I'm *trying* to keep it under wraps. We're going to use the other songs in different places- cake cutting, etc- so all of these are winners :-)

    I love, love "The Way You Look Tonight" as it's a beautiful, timeless choice!!


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