Invitations: Frost, Snow & Magnolia

Olivia & Edward pocket invitation
Image from Marsupial Invitations; Available at Koru Wedding Shoppe

Boy, what sweet relief to check one thing off our wedding timeline- invitations done!

I already explained how we chose our wedding invitations. The Olivia & Edward invitation was the invitation we chose as far as the basic shape & overall look; we had a lot of work to do to make it our own. What was the next step? Choosing paper colors. One of the things I adore about Marsupial Invitations is they offer a rainbow assortment of paper colors. We could choose from the color options for our pocket, envelopes & printed layers.

Our wedding theme is a winter white wedding with white, cream & champagnes with a touch of purple. Thank goodness for a theme because it truly makes decisions easy- simply choose things that work within your theme. RZ declared there would be absolutely no purple on the wedding invitation. My stipulation was that some or all of our paper colors had to be shimmer papers because I'm semi-obsessed with the touch of shimmer. So we had the white, cream & champagne family of shimmer & matte options to work with for our wedding invitation.

I played & played with the paper swatches until I had the ideal combination: Frost, Snow & Magnolia. Perfect names for a winter wedding, right? I swear, it's coincidental. We picked Frost, a textured, white matte paper for our pocket. Even I realized there is such a thing as too much shimmer. Next is Snow, a pure white, shimmer paper, chosen for the outer envelope & response card envelope. Finally, Magnolia, a cream, shimmer paper for the printed layers. Together, Frost, Snow & Magnolia are a beautiful winter combination.

Stay tuned to find out how we chose the image for our wedding invitation!

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