Invitations: Swirls

The Koru necklace that . . .
launched my business
and inspired our wedding invitation!

The beautiful logo of Koru Wedding Shoppe

After picking the paper color for our wedding invitations, the next step was choosing the graphics. Well, that would have been the next step. Except I had already done it. Let's back up.

I love swirls. I bought my gorgeous, swirl necklace years ago simply because I liked it. As I learned more about the legend of Koru & the swirl associated with it, I quickly went from like to love. So much so that I named my business Koru Wedding Shoppe & picked a swirl for the logo. Don't worry, I didn't slap Koru Wedding Shoppe's logo on our wedding invitation. I wouldn't go that far.

However, Wedding Four by Marsupial Invitations offers awesome, swirl graphics. Those swirl graphics are shown on sample invitations throughout the book; none of the samples were quite right for us. I flexed my creative muscles, picked two swirl graphics & created a wedding invitation. This may be the most fun I've had to date while wedding planning. I adore the swirl designs on our wedding invitation & I love that they represent the inspiration & celebration of our positive new beginning. Beautiful & personal.

By the way, I had designed said invitation before we'd decided between Monique Lhuillier & Marsupial Invitations. I never said I was following the book step-by-step in this wedding planning process.

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