Invitations: check!

We ordered our wedding invitations from this company!
Jennie & Mark invitation from Marsupial Invitations

Yesterday was a red-letter day in our wedding planning: we ordered our wedding invitations!

We were debating between a classic invitation by Monique Lhuillier & a stylish invitation by Marsupial Invitations. Back & forth, back & forth. Then some more back & forth, back & forth. Finally, with patience running thin, we came to a final decision: a pocket invitation by Marsupial Invitations.

How did we arrive at our final decision? Blood, sweat & tears!! Just kidding. What it came down to was me. I'm a creative person who loves designing things, especially stationery whether it's a Mother's Day card or a wedding invitation. It simply made sense to work with a stationery company like Marsupial that allows me the freedom to design our wedding invitation using their paper colors, ink colors, font styles, monograms & images.

I worked really hard over the past two weeks to design a wedding invitation that reflects us as a couple & our wedding. I spent a lot of time on every last detail. I believe I created an invitation that is traditional, yet modern & very us. I'll write more in another post about the creative process. For now, I'm basking in the glory that we ordered our wedding invitations!!!!


  1. mine actually looks nothing like this besides being a pocket invitation. i want to keep it a surprise until guests receive their invitation. i'm revealing details on my exact invitation little by little . . . stay tuned!


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