Biggest Regret

No Photograph Today!

My biggest regret is not taking photographs at weddings when I'm wearing my wedding planner/coordinator hat. Just this past weekend, I had the honor of coordinating a wedding that took us from a sweet church ceremony to an amazing photo shoot at the Hoboken Terminal to a gorgeous reception at the W Hotel Hoboken. Not one single photograph.

Back when I was a wedding planning assistant, I had the luxury to take photographs during weddings. I was sent to the ceremony location long before guests arrived to reserve seats, place programs, etc. There was always a quiet moment to snap a photo of the pristine, decorated ceremony location. Then I was sent to the cocktail hour location as soon as the ceremony concluded to arrange the escort cards, place the guest book, etc. Again, I could find a still moment to snap a photo of cocktail hour all decked out for the wedding. And my very favorite part was being sent to the reception location way ahead of the party. I was quite busy placing menus, table numbers, favors, etc while many other vendors rushed around doing their jobs. But when everything was said & done, I had the opportunity to pause & admire the finished look of the reception location. It was always beautiful & unique & I always had a photo to remember it forever.

Now things are different as the main wedding planner. I'm running around with my Blackberry, my clipboard & my emergency kit. Often, I'm also carrying the Bride's bouquet, Bride's purse, the Bride's flip flops, etc. I don't have an extra hand, let alone the time, to stop & take a photograph. But I wish I did. It's my biggest regret as wedding planner.

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