So Far, So Good

My supplies: styrofoam ball, fabric,
ribbon, scissors & glue gun

The first ten petals are ready to be flowers!
I outlined the circles with a juice glass & pen

Yeah, my first flower!

The first flowers start the pretty pom

My first DIY project, fabric pom poms, for our wedding is in full swing since I began on Monday. I'm having a grand time crafting. As always, I find it relaxing & therapeutic. I have cut, created & applied 50 fabric flowers so that my pom is half done. What do I think of the project so far?

1. The pom is only half done & it already looks pretty great. I can envision it decorating the aisle during our marriage ceremony!

2. The pom is taking more time & fabric than I anticipated. Since our wedding is 4.5 months away, I'm sure I can find the time to craft more poms. But I am worried about finding fabric- I want the same shimmer, crinkle fabric in white & cream. No idea where to find the fabric!

3. The instructions called for covering a Chinese paper lantern with fabric flowers. The styrofoam ball is much easier to work with because I make a small hole in the styrofoam, fill it with hot glue & insert the tip of the fabric flower so it's nice & secure. However, I'm worried about how I will get the pom to hang from the ribbon.

4. My fingers are now numb from the burning sensation of hot glue. On the bright side, I haven't adhered myself or anything else to the dining room table. Yet.

I will update you soon with my finished pom- so far, so good!


  1. how lovely! so cool that you're DIY'ing some of your wedding, but being sensible about it too (great tips for other brides on your previous entry) good luck with it all! i wrote about fabric stores in the garment district here, there are so many, maybe THAT should be our next field trip!:

  2. I should have known the Craft Queen of NYC would have the answer! I need pretty ribbon too. I'll be in touch to plan a field trip :-)


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