Our first major curveball; I'm sure there will be others.
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Nothing like being thrown a curveball in the wedding planning process!

Today I found out our catering manager at the Hyatt is no longer working there. WOW! We were emailing each other back & forth as of last Wednesday about our rehearsal dinner & farewell brunch. I had sent a few emails in the meantime with no response but I figured she was busy with other urgent matters. After all, our wedding isn't for another five months. I had something that needed to be taken care of today- our wedding guests were being charged an incorrect amount for their hotel rooms- & that's when I called & got the surprising news. I was stunned.

From the moment I called the Hyatt about hosting our wedding reception, Tanya has been our contact & ally. She met with us, showed us the space & reviewed the options. She helped us finalize the details & sign our contract. She arranged our hotel room block for our wedding guests. She entertained all of my pesky questions from parking to linens to brunch. She did extra things like toasting our contract signing & arranging lunch & a tour for my Mom. I always felt Tanya was going above & beyond for us & we appreciated all of her hard work & effort. We definitely wish she had lasted until our wedding & we will miss her.

RZ is a bit worried that the level of service may go down with our next contact. I'm pretty confident that the Hyatt will hand our wedding over to another wonderful person to assist us until January. Time will tell!

And so we have our first official curveball in our wedding planning.


  1. Sorry to hear about the curve ball. You have a great attitude about having to have a new planner. You are certainly not a bridezilla. LOL.

  2. Thanks! Always look on the bright side :-)


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