Me + Fabric + Glue Gun = ?

I want these sweet, fabric pom poms at our wedding!
Image via Hey Gorgeous

How darling are these DIY fabric pom poms? Let's take it a step further. How darling would these DIY fabric pom poms look as aisle decor at our marriage ceremony? Of course, done in our winter white/cream color scheme. So darling!

That's what I have been thinking ever since I came across these cuties. Since I love to craft, it makes sense that I should craft a DIY project or two for our wedding. The fabric poms seem like an easy, manageable project that I will enjoy making. I hope those aren't famous last words! I'm going to make two test poms before I commit to anything. I salvaged some random fabric awhile ago & I bought a glue gun, styrofoam balls & ribbon today. If you look at the step-by-step instructions, you'll notice I've already improvised a bit. I'm going to give this project a whirl!

I have a Plan B if this project doesn't work out quite the way I hope. My florist Liz has agreed to make the poms with fresh flowers for a reasonable price. I know those will look darling (yup, darling is the word of the day!). Still, if I can make them & add a personal touch to our ceremony, that's my preference. Wish me luck!

P.S. The DIY fabric pom poms would be oh so cute as nursery decor, holiday decorations, etc. If you'd like to make them yourself, head over to Pretty Projects at Hey Gorgeous & craft away!

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