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As a wedding planner, a wedding boutique owner & a Bride-to-be, there is little I love more than weddings. Love, love weddings! This weekend, I am honored & excited to be planning & coordinating a wedding for a fabulous couple at the W Hotel Hoboken. Yes, the very same W Hotel Hoboken that RZ & I seriously considered for our wedding. If I can't host our wedding there, the second best thing must be planning & coordinating a wedding there. The W Hotel boasts about their "Wow Vow" & I can't wait to experience it through our lovely couple this weekend!

On another note, this is my final wedding planning job before our wedding in January. WOW!


  1. Hi, I just started reading your blog and I love it! I am a total sucker for weddings and since I'm originally from Northern NJ and I eventually want to be married there too :-).


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  3. Thank you so much! There is a lot more fun wedding stuff to come so stay tuned :-)


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