Crafting for Mom

Crafting supplies: patterned paper, shimmer paper,
adhesive ribbon, edged scissors & more!

Crafting in Progress!
Gram's card done & Mom's card in the works

I have been happily crafting for a few months now, making Valentine's Day cards, St. Patrick's Day cards, Easter cards & more for my family & friends. I skipped Hallmark for Mother's Day too & made my own creations for my Mom & my Grandma. I would've made cards for my fiance's Mom & Grandma too but he wanted the sappy inscriptions from Hallmark. With only two cards to create, I thought it was best to reuse materials from past projects.

I opened up my crafting armoire & a ton of great materials begged to be used. I started with a plain white card with a deckle edge. Then I layered it with two coordinating patterned papers that I edged in a sunburst pattern. To ease the transition between the patterned papers, I covered it with a pretty, adhesive ribbon. Finally, I made a heart out of shimmer paper & wrote "Mom" & "Grandma" with glitter pens. It was a very easy & very relaxing craft project!

My humble masterpieces for Mother's Day

A close-up of my Gram's card with purple flair
Pink has always been her color but lately she loves purple

A close-up of my Mom's card in a blue/turquoise scheme
I didn't have much in green- my Mom's fav- so I picked something fun

The unfortunate part of this great project is that the cards didn't mail themselves; the little stinkers refused. They're sitting on my dining room table with no hopes of making it to California for Mother's Day! Maybe my Mom & Gram can take a peek here for proof that I was thinking of them & making something for them with love.

Oh well. It's the thought that counts! Right?!

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  1. aw, so cute! and i agree, the thought is the sweet part ;-)


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