The Heart of the Matter

What's all that scuffle in the sand?
It's the exact spot where my fiance got down on one knee & proposed!

Three months ago today, my fiance proposed to me on Sagg Main Beach in the Hamptons. One of the most romantic, sweet & best days of my life! In honor of our engagement anniversary, I'm pushing away all thoughts of peonies, sweetheart necklines & mashed potato stations to reflect on us. After all, we are the heart of this exciting flurry of wedding planning.

Moments after the proposal, we held hands & took a long walk along the deserted beach. It was just us. My fiance explained that he chose a winter beach over a crowded restaurant because he wanted the proposal to be ours, a special, private moment between us. Strip away everything else & our lives come down to us. How lucky we are! The sentiment was so incredible that I tucked it away in my heart to remember forever.

And, despite my horrible memory, I will always remember. I will remember when the wedding planning reaches a crazy stage. I will remember when our jobs drive us to drink. I will remember when our packed schedules run us to the ground. I will remember when the stress is almost too much to bear. We are at the heart of it & that's all that matters.

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