Vendors, Vendors & More Vendors

Who will make our wedding cake?
Who will take photographs of our wedding cake?
Yup, we're choosing our vendors!
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Despite the fact that I'm a wedding planner, our wedding planning process has gone much like any other couple's experience. We got engaged & started down the path of planning our wedding. We tackled the biggies- selecting a date, setting a budget, establishing priorities & booking ceremony & reception venues. Not much different from Jane & John's wedding planning.

Until now: the vendors. Many Brides & Grooms say finding the perfect vendors can be an overwhelming process. You open any bridal magazine & you find hundreds of local photographers alone. It's hard to tell who is good, who is reliable, who best matches your needs & budget, etc. When I help my planning couples find vendors, I try to match them with five vendors who fit their style, requirements & budget. From there, I urge them to meet with at least three of them to review their work. Ultimately, they choose the vendor whose personality & work they like the best.

I have the exact opposite problem; I know so many talented, reliable, wonderful vendors from photographers to bands to wedding planners. I trust that any of them could make our wedding dreams a reality. But I can't very well book five photographers, ten bands & six wedding planners. So we must choose from all the talent! It's not easy but it's a lot of fun.

Come along with us as we choose our wedding vendors in the upcoming weeks!

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