The Best & The Worst

Gucci & Kaydee, oh so spoiled!, sharing a meal.

In the past 18 years, my life has gone through many transformations but two things have been constants: my dog, Gucci & my cat, Kaydee. Whether I was walking through the door of my childhood home or my San Diego apartment or my many Hoboken apartments, I had a sweet dog & a fiery cat to greet me when I came home. It's always meant a lot to me because whether the day was good or bad, those two made me smile.

And, bless his heart, my fiance welcomed my pets into his life when we moved in together. There was no other option since Gucci, Kaydee & I were a package deal. Yet it was a very big deal because he'd never had a pet. He was equally amazed by the love & joy & frustration & chaos they bring into our lives. I can't imagine our life any other way which is what makes everything so difficult now.

We had only one furry face to greet us at the door for the past four months & we fear there may soon be none. Shortly before getting engaged, we put Gucci to sleep with great, great sadness. It took awhile to get used to the absence of Gucci's cute face & his big, brown eyes. Now, a few months after getting engaged, it seems Miss Kaydee misses Gucci too much & may be leaving us soon. Gucci knew I was in good hands & he felt it was time to go; I suppose Kaydee feels the same. Someday my faithful constants will just be a memory. I have found forever with my fiance & he is my new constant in my life.

I can't remember a time recently when I have been so unbelievably happy & so incredibly sad at once. I'm on cloud nine: I'm engaged, on the cusp of officially starting our life together. Yet I'm absolutely heartbroken to lose Gucci & Kaydee, my furry best friends. It's the best of times & the worst of times.

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